Luxury kicker Geometric



Foosball table according to your own choice finish  165 x 112 x 90.

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Everything customized and color according to your choice:

The elegant kicker soccer table:

Luxury kicker,

When creating an ideal space for relaxation and fun, a kicker soccer table is an absolute must-have. Our collection of soccer tables takes this classic game to a new level of luxury and personalization.

Whether you want to use the kicker foosball table for an evening of fun with friends and family or as an eye-catching decorative piece in your living room, our tables add a touch of luxury to any space. Explore our collection today and create a table as unique as you are.

Everything customized:

Imagine a kicker in your favorite colors, made with a high-quality finish that reflects the sophistication of your interior. Whether you like a sleek, modern look or a more traditional look, we have the perfect table to suit your taste.

Our tables are designed with a focus on both aesthetics and functionality. With robust materials and precise construction, we guarantee a table that can withstand intense play and look beautiful at the same time. Plus, we offer numerous personalization options so you can customize the table with unique color combinations and even your own logo or initials.

The ultimate class:

Each table is made with high-quality materials such as durable wood, stainless steel and tempered glass. This not only provides a sophisticated look, but also guarantees a long life and withstands intensive use. The playing surface is perfectly smooth for fast, precise movements, while the robust rods and sturdy players provide an authentic playing experience.


Dimensions 165 × 112 × 90 cm