Butterfly tennis table



Tennis table according to your own choice finish  278 x 150 x 75.

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The tennis table that can also be used as a dining table:

Finish of your choice:

Of course, let’s talk about a luxury tennis table in the color and finish of your choice. Picture this:

This tennis table is designed with exclusivity and elegance in mind. The top is made of premium birch wood, known for its smooth texture and durability. For a luxurious look, the wood is carefully finished with a glossy lacquer coating, which not only highlights the natural beauty of the wood, but also protects it from scratches and wear.

Mahogany or something else:

The table can be supplied in any color. Maybe you want a classic deep mahogany color for a warm and inviting look. Or perhaps a sleek anthracite gray color for a modern, minimalist look. Another option could be a rich dark blue, which adds a touch of sophistication and depth to any space.

The edges of the table are carefully rounded and polished, giving them a soft feel and no sharp corners. The legs are made of stainless steel, which not only provides a sturdy base, but also adds a touch of modern flair. The legs can be finished in brushed steel for a subtle effect, or in a shiny chrome finish for a striking look.

All extras are possible:

Furthermore, the table can be equipped with various accessories, such as an integrated net that can be pulled out automatically, or recessed storage areas on the side for bats and balls. If you want, we can even add a storage cabinet with a soft-close mechanism so you can store your accessories discreetly and neatly.

This luxury tennis table is not only functional, but also a beautiful piece of furniture that makes a statement in any room. Whether in a recreation room, an office, or an upscale home, this table is sure to attract attention and provide lots of fun. What do you think of this description? Are there any specific details or modifications you would like to add?

Dimensions 278 × 150 × 75 cm