Console lacquer with oak top 512-160>240cm Marcottestyle

Original price was: € 1.860,00.Current price is: € 1.525,00.


This low  console always finds an appropriate place. Solid wood painted in the color of your choice!

Everything is customized: ask for a quote.

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Customized console with customizable top:

This console can be completely tailored to your personal needs. The top can be made of oak or varnished wood, depending on your preference. You can choose a straight edge or a rounded edge with a specific finish, also known as bec de corbin.

Flexible dimensions and finishes:

The console can be customized, with a maximum length of up to 2.8 meters. The price is determined per square decimeter (dm²) of horizontal area.

Current customizable dimensions for this console:

  • Length: 200 cm
  • Width: 37 cm
  • Height: 95 cm

Available finishes:

  • Varnished wood in white or a wide range of colors.
  • Oak top with stain color of your choice, from Extra Matt to light white or even stained black.
  • Blade can be painted completely in the same color for a uniform look.

Authentic artisan production:

This console has an authentic look because it is handmade using traditional methods. Despite the use of modern equipment, all furniture is crafted using traditional techniques such as “pin and hole. The finishing is done with the finest patina to achieve a beautiful result.

Full interior design and customization:

If you are interested in a complete interior design, our designers can guide you from A to Z, respecting your ideas and budget. Send us an email with information and possibly photos of your current situation so we can better advise you.

Additional suggestion for a successful interior:

Consider placing a console that can also serve as a makeup table in the bedroom, dressing room, or even bathroom. It is not only a stylish addition, but also practical. 

Visit our showroom:

If you want to get an impression of our designs, visit our model showroom in Hamont-Achel . Here you can see our interiors in real life and experience how attractive and cozy our designs are.

For further inspiration, you can also take a look at  to villa Antwerp, where you can see one of our complete interior designs.





Dimensions 200 × 37 × 95 cm