console with wrought iron and oak KS311-4 custom Marcottestyle 200cm



To maintain this price and finish with the very best solid oak, delivery time averages 3 months

Full MAATWORK is possible!

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Console with Oak Shelves and Wrought Iron

Welcome to our exclusive collection of oak consoles, specially designed to add both style and functionality to your interior. Our furniture is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail to perfectly match your living style and needs.

Furniture Description:

This 2-meter-long console is a stunning example of modern elegance. The combination of natural oak and a slim wrought iron frame gives this piece of furniture a sophisticated industrial look. Its clean, minimalist design makes it a versatile addition to any room.


  • Material: High-quality oak for the shelves and durable wrought iron for the frame
  • Color: Natural oak finish with a matte black finish for the wrought iron
  • Design: Modern and minimalist, with an open and airy structure that creates a light feel
  • Storage space:
    • Top shelf: Ideal for decorative objects, books or plants
    • Bottom shelf: Provides additional storage without compromising the open design
  • Dimensions: 200 cm wide, 75 cm high and 30 cm deep, perfect for use in spacious halls, living rooms or as a stylish partition in open spaces
  • Maintenance: Easy to clean with a damp cloth; the oak can be treated with oil for extra protection if desired

Functionality and Style:

This long console offers an ideal combination of functionality and aesthetics. The spacious shelves provide ample space for displaying your favorite decorations, while the slim design creates a modern, airy look. The use of oak and wrought iron gives the console a timeless charm that fits seamlessly into both modern and classic interiors.

Custom Made:

One of the unique advantages of our collection is the ability to have furniture custom made. Do you need specific dimensions or require a different finish? We can meet your needs and create a unique piece of furniture that fits perfectly into your space. Please contact us to discuss your options.


Choose a console with oak shelves and a wrought iron frame to add a touch of industrial elegance and practical storage to your home. With high-quality materials, a carefully thought-out design and the option to have the furniture customized, this console is a valuable addition to any interior. Discover the perfect balance of style and functionality in our exclusive collection of oak consoles.

Dimensions 200 × 30 × 75 cm