Display case Villars with retro lock 145cm

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Supplied in two parts: entirely in solid oak, with wrought iron retro handles.

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Oak display cabinet VILLARS with wrought iron retro handles:          

This is a beautiful display cabinet with glass in solid oak patinated in an aged or weathered look by fading the oak (weathered oak).  She is unique because of the wrought iron retro handles.

This cabinet comes in its entirety .

Marcottestyle vitrine cabinet-villars.sphere

Numerous rustic combinations with this display cabinet realizable !

Together with the Monteverdi or Florida collection, which also includes wrought iron accessories, it forms a beautiful combination.  The composition of wrought iron in the coffee tables or side tables with this display cabinet together promote homogeneity and harmony in your home. This makes the atmosphere calmer and at the same time accentuates an onset of driven architecture in your interior. A console with iron base also looks perfect in the presence of this cabinet. If you need a dining table, you can also choose from the Monteverdi and Florida collections but, on the other hand, a beautiful oak table with the same patina as a finish also looks very good here. Just be careful never to overdo it with now always using wrought iron accessories everywhere because then your interior will get an excessive result which really gives a bad impression.  So do not turn your home into a boring decoration and keep it exciting. To help you, our interior designers are always available for free advice.  They can suggest the right combination so that you can decorate your home all by yourself in the right way where it will always be pleasant to spend time.

Made with passion !

This display cabinet with its distinct look due to the wrought iron with glass is completely crafted down to the smallest details with the same passion for beauty as in the past, but with more up-to-date equipment. All furniture pieces are handmade according to traditional regulations. Everything is brought together and glued with “pin and hole” as it was the rule of art in the old English and French furniture making. Each piece of furniture is always finished with the finest patina.

From A to Z !

Possibly you are looking for a total project or partial furnishing of your home; for example, a single lounge, living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hall, etc. Our interior designers and decorators will be happy to guide you from A to Z while respecting your predetermined budget. Everything is done in consultation with you.

Please send us an email with some information and possibly also photo material of the current situation, in order to help you as adequately as possible smoothly.

An additional aspect for a successful interior:

When using such a oak showcase cabinet, you can make by means of a nice seat with it; but it is important that the legs of this are also in weathered oak.  The appropriate seats you can also find at Marcottestyle; feel free to take a look at this seat. You will get a uniform attractive look, without becoming a dull interior.  All Marcottestyle interiors are worked out to the smallest details and are full of cozy and warm and soothing ingredients.

Each patina has its own character and by using a similar color and wood type  of our chairs or seats all the furniture in your home can be completely coordinated with each other.  This of course gives a calm and blissful feeling and an individual characteristic to your interior.

Perhaps by now you have become curious about our realizations; browse quickly and take a look at villa Antwerpen.

Weight 1640 kg
Dimensions 130 × 46 × 230 cm