Library cabinet lacquer and oak 505_103cm

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Beautiful library cabinet lacquered with optional oak shelves:

Our library cabinets combine elegance and versatility in a timeless design. Suitable for private libraries, living rooms, or offices, they add a touch of class to any space. With their clean lines and neutral colors, they fit into both modern and classic interiors.

Product Description

The cabinet frame is sturdy and lacquered for a smooth finish and added durability. The cabinet is spacious and offers adjustable shelves for flexible storage. The oak planks give a warm, natural look that contrasts nicely with the painted frame.


  • High-quality material: sturdy frame made of lacquered wood, with the option of oak planks.
  • Flexible layout: Adjustable shelves to arrange the cabinet as needed.
  • Timeless style: Suitable for a variety of interior styles, thanks to clean lines and a neutral color palette.
  • Versatility: Suitable for books, decorative objects, and other applications.


  • Durability: High-quality materials ensure long life.
  • Adaptability: The spacious compartments and adjustable shelves offer flexibility.
  • Elegance: The combination of lacquered wood and oak planks creates a stylish look.
  • Easy maintenance: The lacquered finish is easy to clean, while the oak planks retain their natural beauty.

Our library cabinet is a stylish, durable choice that will last for years. Its timeless design makes it a versatile addition to any interior.

Dimensions 103 × 47 × 250 cm