Sideboard in custom oak KS403-SM-3 Marcottestyle 300 cm



Oak sideboard with four doors and three drawers: can also be customized.  Free choice of stain color!

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Oak Sideboard with Four Doors and Three Large Drawers (300 x 46 x 95 cm)

Measuring 300 cm long, 46 cm deep and 95 cm high, this impressive oak sideboard combines generous storage space with stylish design. With four doors and three large drawers, this piece of furniture offers practical storage options and an elegant look that fits perfectly into both classic and modern interiors.


  • Material: Crafted from high-quality oak, this sideboard exudes both durability and timeless charm. The natural wood grain and warm tones of the oak provide an authentic and attractive look, while the sturdy material guarantees a long life.
  • Design: The sideboard is designed with four doors and three spacious drawers, providing a harmonious and functional layout. The black handles are a stylish contrast to the light oak and add a contemporary touch to the classic design.
  • Functionality: The three large drawers are ideal for storing various smaller items such as cutlery, napkins or personal items. Behind the four doors is ample storage space for larger items such as dishes, books or decorative pieces. The adjustable shelves inside allow you to customize the layout to your liking, making this sideboard extremely versatile and practical.
  • Customization: This sideboard can be fully customized to perfectly fit your specific needs and the available space in your home. Whether you need extra shelves, custom sizes or a different layout, custom options are available to create your ideal piece of furniture.

With its ample storage options and sophisticated design, this oak sideboard with four doors and three large drawers is an excellent choice for large living spaces. It not only offers practical storage solutions, but also adds a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere to your interior. The high-quality finish and customization options make this sideboard a valuable and lasting investment for your home.

Dimensions 300 × 46 × 95 cm