Sleek oak dining table Ks110 Marcottestyle 180cm



Refined taste and timeless beauty. This designer dining table can be ordered by size. 

Both country and contemporary sleek style:

Featuring a solid oak top with beveled edges and sophisticated black metal legs, this sturdy dining table is a model of elegance.

Perfect combination:

The solid dining table uniquely combines country charm with modern clean lines. The oak top, finished with carefully beveled edges, offers the warm and sturdy look of country furniture. At the same time, the slim, black metal legs bring a contemporary, minimalist touch that blends seamlessly with modern interiors.

Refined elegance:

This table is more than a practical piece of furniture; it is an expression of refined taste and timeless aesthetics. The combination of natural wood and industrial metal creates a harmonious balance between traditional and modern. The result is an elegant dining table that is an eye-catcher in any dining room.

Craftsmanship and design:

Whether you are hosting a cozy dinner party or spending a quiet morning with a cup of coffee and the newspaper, this dining table provides the perfect ambiance. It is an invitation to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of outstanding craftsmanship and design.


Dimensions 180 × 100 × 77 cm